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Add the differences

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"The ability to perceive and think differently is more important than knowledge acquired." David Bohm


What do we do when we find someone who thinks or acts differently from ours? Do you accept? Do you reject? Do you tolerate? What about our jobs, our social and family environment? 

"Much of the vitality of a friendship lies in the respect of differences, not only in the enjoyment of similarities."
James Fredericks

Often our tendency is to eliminate the difference to move the person, or assimilate to our way of thinking or acting. We strive to impose their own way of acting. While it is true that in certain circumstances we need to define courses of action agreed, this is not always necessary, and we should ask ourselves: can we accept without agreeing?

"I have to accept that when there is a discrepancy with another, the other is moving in a coherent experiential space as valid as mine, even if different."
Humberto Maturana

If we talk about mathematics, we know that differences remain. But in terms of human, equipment, relationships, ensuring that differences can join. We can see how different and complementary rather than as antagonistic. 

"By opening ourselves to the differences disturbing, sometimes we discover that the way to interpret the world from another person is truly essential to our survival."
Margaret Wheatley

Rather than refuse to learn to tolerate differences, rather than tolerate them is to learn to accept, rather than accept them is to begin to value them and appreciate them, because ultimately that life is made of differences. Diversity is what gives life its beauty, its power and the ability to constantly renew. 

Pablo Buol  


Ser hombre, Ser mujer

For every woman tired of appearing weak,
There is a weak man strong mind tired.

For every woman tired of acting like a fool,
a man is tired of having to pretend to know everything.

For every woman tired of being described as "emotional female"
there is a man who has been denied the right to mourn and be gentle.

For every woman listed as unfeminine when she competes,
There is a man forced to compete for not doubt his masculinity.

For every woman tired of being a sexual object,
There is a man concerned about his sexual potency.

For every woman who feels bound by his children,
There is a man who has been denied the joy of parenthood.

For every woman who has not had access to a salary or a satisfying job,
is a man who should assume financial responsibility for another human being.

For every woman who takes a step toward their own liberation
There is a man who rediscovers the path to freedom.

Maria José Arana


"The man approaches a woman because as a man notices that the woman is missing and the woman approaches a man because as a woman notices that the man lacks.
To each of them lacks what the other has, and each one can give what the other needs.
Therefore, for a relationship to be achieved, man must be and remain man and woman must be a woman and remain so. "

Bert Hellinger


The Assembly in Carpentry


They say that in a carpentry shop there once was a strange meeting. It was a meeting of tools to fix differences. The hammer wielded the presidency but the assembly was notified that he had to resign. The cause? It was too noisy! And all the time spent pounding. Hammer accepted his guilt, but asked who was also expelled from the screw, said she had to have many turns to serve something. Before the attack the screw also accepted, but in turn asked for the expulsion from the sand. He pointed out that it was very harsh in his dealings and always had friction with others.

And the sandpaper agreed, on condition it was sent off the subway it was always measuring others went according to his measure, as if it were perfect. That came the carpenter, put on his apron and began his work.

He used the hammer, sandpaper, metro and thyme. Finally, the initial rough wood became a nice game of chess. When the woodwork was again alone, the meeting resumed deliberation. That's when the saw spoke and said: "Gentlemen, it has been shown to have flaws, but the carpenter works with our qualities. That's what makes us valuable. So I do not think and our bad points and concentrate on the utility of our good points. " The assembly was then found that the hammer was strong, united and thyme gave strength, the sand was special to refine and smooth things over and found that the meter was accurate and precise. They were then able to produce a team and making things of quality. They were proud of their strengths and work together. "

The same applies to humans. Look and you will see. When looking for faults in others, the situation becomes tense and negative. However, when honestly try to perceive the capabilities of others is when they bloom best human achievement. It's easy to find fault, any fool can do, but finding qualities, that's for the higher spirits are able to inspire all human success ...

True love knows the fallibility and human weakness and seeks only to understand and reconcile the differences. The differences are what attracted us to each other and we also can be separated. Love is the art of the differences. While the interests, dreams and shared projects bring us are the differences, recognition and respect for differences that strengthens human relationships. If we do not share their differences, forget our common interests. Sometimes it is difficult to accept the differences, but we respect them. Yes, love is the art of learning to accept and respect differences.

Dr. Mario Rosen




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