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"The value of choice with determination and clarity is what makes the man himself and gives him his dignity and personality." Carlos G. Valles  

"What counts is not our actions are exceptional, but what we do every day. Who is the father of action? What defines ultimately, who we are and where we go. The answer is: our decisions. These are what shape our destiny. I think more than anything else, are our choices-and not-life circumstances that determine our destiny." A. Robbins

The decisions we make in our lives are those that are building a large extent, the way we travel and the results we get. Many times we make decisions without realizing it (unconsciously), others we driven by our emotions (fear, anger). Sometimes we decide to choosing between two alternatives that satisfy us, without looking more likely. Thus, the results we achieve, probably will not be very happy.

As people (as well as teams and organizations) there is a tendency that leads to inefficient decisions. Begin to observe and discover these trends will allow us to intervene in this process and change it. Take responsibility for our power to choose and learn to make effective decisions can have a major impact on our personal and professional life.

"We are not triggered into existence as a rifle bullet, whose track record is absolutely certain. It is false to say that what determines the circumstances. On the contrary, circumstances are the dilemma that we have to decide. But who decides is our character." José Ortega y Gasset

So ... We begin to discover some ineffective processes for decision making:

Default: This is the method we used when we decided to phrases like "we'll see what can be done" or "one day I have to think what to do with this."

Emotional pressure: fear, anger, resignation, anxiety, guilt ...

For convenience: often involves a minimization problem and can lead to disastrous consequences.

For routine: to respect the established ways we refuse the opportunity to change.

From experience: Many times, decisions today can help yesterday, but always be taken into account the variability of situations in order to adapt the situation.

By studying the problem: We decided in a reactive to a given situation, regardless of other issues.

"Todos los días Dios nos da un momento en que es posible cambiar todo lo que nos hace infelices. El instante mágico es el momento en que un sí o un no pueden cambiar toda nuestra existencia." Paulo Coelho

In addition to solving a problem What other issues are important when we make a decision?

Our Vision: What do we want? Is this decision consistent with our long-term goals?

Our Values​​: We are deciding in a manner consistent with our values? Are we being upright?

The Environment: Our decision is organic?

Our Layout: Are we willing to be consistent with the decision?

I, once, a philosophy professor, who spoke about "the agony of the decision." I think if we develop our power and ability to make decisions, we can change this "agony of decision" for "such a decision."

Decide wisely, act coherently ...
just that and nothing more.

Pablo Buol


Anything is a path in a million ways. Therefore, a warrior must always keep in mind that a path is only one way, if you feel you should not follow him, he must not remain under any circumstances. His decision to keep or abandon that path must be free of fear or ambition. You must look at every path closely and deliberately. And there is a question that a warrior has to be compulsorily: Does heart this way?

All paths are the same: do not lead anywhere. However, a path without heart is never pleasant. Instead, a path with heart is easy: a warrior does not cost you take the taste, the journey is joyous, as a man follows it, is one with him.

Carlos Castañeda


Decision and Confidence

When it comes to decision making are no longer in the realm of the assertions, but in the statements. As we have often explained, unlike statements, the statements do not reflect the state of the world have the power to transform. Each time we make a decision (and the decisions are a form of statements), the world is changed. To make statements as valid, you must have the appropriate authority. There are many statements for which we all have authority. There are others, however, for which only some have the authority.

If you see someone repeatedly conferred powers have not been granted and for which decisions are not authorized, will be affected the confidence others have in him. If, on the other hand, given the power to resolve, is shown to be inconsistent with the decisions you make and behaves in a manner that is perceived as inconsistent, that adversely gravitate trust is in him. When, in the future, you see making a decision, others probably feel great distrust of this.

Rafael Echeverría


I decided...

And so, after waiting so long, a day like any other I decided to succeed ...
I decided not to wait for opportunities, but I myself find them,
I decided to see every problem as an opportunity to find a solution,
I decided to see each desert and the opportunity to find an oasis,
I decided to see each night as a mystery to solve,
I decided to see each day as a new chance at happiness.
One day I discovered that my only rival was no more than my own weaknesses, and for these, is the single best way to improve ourselves.
One day I stopped being afraid of losing and I began to fear not win.
I discovered that I was not the best and perhaps never was.
I ceased to matter who win or lose,
I now know myself better than just matter yesterday.
I learned how difficult it is to reach the top, but never stop rising.
Learned that the best that I can win is to have the right to call someone a "friend."
I discovered that love is more than just a state of infatuation:
"Love is a philosophy of life."
That day I stopped being a poor reflection of my past successes
and I became my own dim present.
I learned that light is worthless
If you're not going to light the way for others.
One day I decided to change so many things ...
That day I learned that dreams are only to be realized,
since that day I do not sleep to rest ...
Now I sleep just to dream.

Walt Disney



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