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For it is first necessary to do and need to be first.

Stephen Covey

Ontological Coaching is aimed at achieving extra-ordinary results, effective and well being. However, the focus of coaching is the person, human being, and not the result or effect. The visible (the effect) is what is perceived and at the same time, hides the importance of the invisible (the cause or the context). Therefore, always, people, lured by the result, lose sight of the infrastructure and process that are precondition for it.

The paradox is that to get a result, you must first behave in a manner to produce that result. And to behave in such a way, you must first be the kind of person (team or organization) capable of behaving well. There is, in short, practical and effective occupation to be prepared to be the person capable of behaving in the manner required to produce the desired results.

The most important responsibility of anyone trying to manage what is, is handled himself as a person.
Dee Hook

By focusing on the self, the person becomes much more flexible to change its done (and hence the gain). Also, by focusing on its core values​​, an organization becomes more flexible to change their strategy (and hence their results). This flexibility is not just a good idea, in a world of constant change is a vital requirement for survival.


 The business

Having coaching skills, is becoming as necessary as to maintain our technological support to date. 
Rafael Echeverría

We wonder why today is so important for modern organizations create a "coaching culture". The reason is simply that our traditional ways of management are not working well enough in the past. The global economy, new technologies, competition, rapid changes have changed the rules. Today, companies can not afford to control it all from above. Moreover, there may even want. Companies that succeed are those that can respond quickly to changing markets, technologies, social attitudes and government policies.

There are larger companies that eat the small, but the fastest to the slowest.
Bill Gates

This kind of capacity for change can not be programmed effectively within traditional systems and procedures. Organizations need people who can think for themselves and respond instantly to what you need and want, such as a core competency. This is why, in the organizational context, the Ontological Coaching develops the skills of relating, leadership, creativity, learning, communication, integration and teamwork.

Profits are to businesses what oxygen is to people. If companies do not earn enough break. If people do not breathe enough die. But if we believe that the sole focus of companies is to maximize profits and try to breathe life, we will be missing something very important.
R. Ackoff



Ontological Coaching


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