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I have no time

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"Do you love life? Well do not waste time, because that life is made." Benjamín Franklin

"We must move from time management to life leadership." Stephen R. Covey


One of the phrases I hear quite often lately is "I have no time" or "I need time." In the daily maelstrom that we live seems that the "time" has become very scarce resource these days.

What is happening to us over time?

We say that "time is money" (or "time is money") as a form of value. But ... Is this really a form of value? Does money can buy time? Would not it be more accurate to say "time is life"?

Meditate a moment on these questions: What are you spending your time? What are you investing your time? What / who / whom you are dedicating your time?

Please consider these questions a few seconds before you continue reading ...

Now, back to the same questions, but changing the word "time" with the word "life" and ask yourself: What are you spending your life? What are you investing your life? What / who / whom you are dedicating your life?

Maybe you can seize this moment and give you time to reflect ... choose ... plan ... and start ... to live a new time. 

Pablo Buol




Take time to work, because it is the price of success.
Take time to think, because it is the wellspring of strength.
Take time to play with your kids, because it is the secret of youth.
Take time to read, because it is the basis of science and your knowledge.
Take time to be friendly, because it is the power of happiness.
Take time to love, because it is the true joy of living.
Take time to be happy, because it is the music of the soul.
But above all and above all things, take time to dream.
Because it is the way to the stars.


To realize the value of a year, ask a student who has failed a final exam.
To realize the value of a month ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.
To realize the value of one week, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.
To realize the value of an hour, ask the lovers who are waiting to be seen.
To realize the value of one minute, ask a person who has missed the plane.
To realize the value of a second, ask a person who has survived an accident.
To realize the value of one millisecond, ask the person who has won a silver medal in the Olympics. 


There are many people waiting for someone like us to appear in your life, people who have well regarded our compassion and our stimulus, and is in need of our talents. These are people who have a happier existence only because we take the time to share with them what we have to give. Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, and the simplest expressions of interest. But all this can change a life.

Leo Buscalglia


If I had a little more time...

With some savings, a man of the people of India bought a young donkey. The person who sold it warned him of the amount of food they had to give him every day.
But the new owner thought that this amount was excessive and began daily food subtract the donkey. So much food ration decreased the ass one day, the poor animal was found dead.
Then the man began to whine and complain like this:
- What a disgrace! Go doom! If you had taken a little longer before he died, I had managed to get used to not eating anything at all.

Do we need more time or need a change of attitude?


Modern Times

In most countries, time is evaporating. Technology has played a big role in this, accelerating human interactions at the speed of light, but we can not, as living beings, work faster than the speed of life. In highly technological societies, leisure and private life are deteriorating rapidly because of the demands always invasive cell phones, emails and the belief that workers must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In societies where such technology is not yet invasive, the very complexity and multiplicity of problems facing leaders is complicating its time to try it any problems.

Under the relentless pressure of the time it fades, we are missing many essential human capabilities: time to think and reflect, time for relationships, time to develop trust and commitment. In essence, we are seizing our unique human qualities to speed change.

Margaret Wheatley    



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