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In times of crisis, imagination is more important than knowledge.

"Never leave your dream, because dreams are free man."
Walt Whitman

Imagine ... imagine that one day, sorting and cleaning old things, you come across an old lamp.

Imagine ... imagine that a genie comes out of it as in the old familiar story grants you three wishes.

Imagine ... Imagine what would you ask? What things are important to you? What are your dreams? What is your vision?

Imagine ... imagine ... think about it, take your time, close your eyes and imagine...

"Return to create a vision, a dream that we commit to that action, and to restate our values ​​and live them. Live them as the ultimate expression of humanity that we have."
Elena Espinal

Imagine ... Imagine now that the old genie says, "Look, as I do not decided yet and now I must go, I'll make a gift, we give the power to realize your dreams."

Imagine ... Imagine now that you have that power.

What if it were true? If you find within you the power to realize your dreams? Perhaps not magic, maybe not all your dreams, and perhaps not in the same way that the imagined ... but certainly, each of us has that power. We just need to discover and develop.

"If you can dream it, you can do it."
Walt Disney

What we need to find this power? Maybe, just believe it exists. Perhaps restore confidence. Perhaps find the goal we are passionate enough. Perhaps, to begin action. Maybe ask for help. Perhaps...

"Your answers are deposited within you. The answers to the questions of life are also within you. All you need is to look, listen and trust them."
Jim Schoel

Maybe ... might begin by asking what things give meaning to my life? Are the things I choose? Am I willing to change? Am I willing to take risks? Where do I go?

Maybe you can bring your own questions and discover together new responses.

Pablo Buol


Dreaming of tomorrow
A new world must come
Have faith it is quite possible
If you're serious

He dreams that there are no borders
And love without barriers, do not look back
Experience the thrill
Back to feel, to live in peace

Sow your way
A new destination and the sun will shine
Where souls come together in light
The goodness and love reborn

And the day we find
That dream will change
No one will destroy
The truth of your soul

Have faith it is quite possible
If you're serious
Dreaming of a different world
Where every day the sun will shine

Where souls come together in light
The kindness and love enacerán
Dream, dream you ...

Luis Miguel/K. Cibrián/G. Flores


It is important to have a vision and even more when the situation is not good. The problems can be transformed into opportunities. Just enough to make a decision committed to a vision and committed to achieving.

Jim Selman


The worm cocoons

Two worms lived in a tree. At one point, one of them, moved by a strong inner impulse, began to withdraw into a cocoon of silk. Until that time the two had been great friends.

- What are you doing? - Frightened his companion shouted Have you gone crazy?

The momentum was so strong that the worm did not respond. It was a worm that easily excited when it was something new.

- Have you thought about what that means? - Followed his companion, who was much more thoughtful and cautious. - You are going to isolate you from the tree! And the juicy leaves that are leaving? And the central stem further outbreaks?You can not eat or move around the tree if you lock yourself out!

Because your partner does not respond, he decided to seek moral support in other worms and brought a few along with cocoon, which was already nearing completion.

- Do not close yet, wait!
And heard the chorus of worms saying, "Look what you leave, look what you leave ...!" Like after the silk is locked, because the impulse was very strong and could not explain it.

Worms were looking silk capsule and spent the afternoon discussing the event. "It got crazy," he said. "How boring life must be there!" And "Look what you're missing!, Who would despise head fits in a tree so lush? ... I would lock you out there? ...with
it was nice and young! "

After a while they found the broken and empty cocoon. They did not know what to think, so they decided to hold opinions and to continue chewing leaves and twigs without ever touching the topic of silk cocoon.

Meanwhile, a beautiful butterfly flying away from the tree into the sunset.

What difference does it go against the tide if the fruit of your choice becomes what you've always dreamed of?


Begin with the End in Mind

Start with the end in mind means to start with a clear understanding of your destination. It means knowing where you are going, so that they can better understand where you are, and always give the right steps in the right direction.
People often scoring victories are empty, successes achieved at the expense of things they suddenly realize that they are much more valuable. People belonging to all jobs (doctors, academics, actors, politicians, executives, athletes, and plumbers) often struggle to achieve higher income, more recognition or some degree of professional competence, only to discover that his eagerness to reach the goal deprived them of things that really matter and that have been beyond their means.

How different are our lives when we know what's really important to us, and keeping that picture in mind, we work every day to be and do what really interests us. If the ladder is leaning against the right wall, every step we take will only approach the wrong place before. We can be very busy, we can be very efficient, but we will also be truly effective only when we begin with the end in mind.  

Stephen Covey



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