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" If you do not know how, find the way how " .
Collin McCarty

I think there's a new form of leadership that is emerging in the world, and that has to do with values ​​and integrity. Integrity in the sense of coherence between what is said and what we think, between what is and what it's like: "Say what you feel, do what I say and feel what I do."

What does it mean for you, to lead, in the beginning of this new millennium? What are the qualities you value in a leader? What is it that you need to lead your own life?

To lead our lives, our dreams, we need to reflect deeply about the direction we want to continue on the resources we have, on whom we accompany on the way and, based on our past experiences, see what we can change, learn, create, to achieve the results that matter.
To do this we must begin to wonder: Where am I going? Who's with me? What do I need to start building the future we want? Do I have enough confidence to follow my path? ¿I can accept the obstacles and setbacks as part of the process?

The new leader is a true generator of change processes where certain things happen, without pressure, without drive, without manipulation, almost like it is happening naturally. And this new kind of leadership will undoubtedly be learned.

   Pablo Buol


"The leadership of the market leads companies to be conservative and focus on improving what they have. To maintain leadership, it is necessary to question the processes of improvement entered in the 80's, and devote himself to break the mold and reinvent". 
Tom Peters

"We must move from time management, leadership of the life".  Stephen Covey

"The leader has more work to choose which side you are. You must join sides". 
Jesse Jackson


Leading call a person when he or she can do certain actions, just as what we call the surgeon carpenter or persons performing certain types of private actions ... the basic actions that constitute the linguistic phenomenon of leadership are: leaders who speak to the guide. Moreover, it occurs in speech where the phenomenon of leadership.

A leader creates an interpretation of this, says the possibility of a different future, and is able to generate confidence in others. Without language, these actions could not be done ...

The phenomenon of leadership can not happen without the existence of a particular kind of conversation. It is the existence of this conversation that sets the stage for the phenomenon of leadership. We call it leadership conversation. 

Fernando Flores


"Leadership exists when people stop being a victim of circumstance and began to participate in its creation ... Leadership is to create a field in which human beings continually deepen their understanding of reality and are able to participate in the deployment of the world. Ultimately, leadership is about creating new realities". 

Joseph Jaworski




The wise leader does not intervene unnecessarily. He feels the presence of the leader, but often the team moves on its own.

Weaker leaders do much, say a lot, have followers, and create cults.

Others, even worse, use fear to stimulate the group and the strength to overcome their resistance.

Remember that your duty is to facilitate the process of others and not yours. Do not meddle. No controls. Do not impose your own needs and beliefs to others.

If you do not trust the process of another, the other does not trust you.

Imagine you are a midwife, you are witnessing the birth of another. Do your job well, without assumptions or theatrics. Facilitates the course of what is happening and not what you think should be happening. If you must take the initiative, directs the action so that the mother receives help, but without losing its freedom and responsibility.

At birth the child, the mother may say with reason: "We did it between the child and me!".

John Heider
The Tao of the leaders




They have a son told his father he wanted to be a leader, and asked how he could do. The father replied that he first had to do was be aware of their behavior. Every time we felt he had done harm to a person driving a nail into the fence of his house. The son accepted the challenge and began to become more aware of their actions.

Following the advice of his father, began to put nails with a hammer every time you hurt, abused a person or not respected. After a time the child left to put nails into the fence, because it was aware of his actions and was good to people. Then he asked his father: and now what?

The father responded by saying that for every act of service that performs well and takes out a nail from the fence. The child again accepted the challenge and began gradually to remove the nails. He was awake, was aware and also dedicated to helping people. In a short time managed to get all the nails. Content, where his father came, perhaps with a bit of pride and said, I'm done! I managed to get all the nails!

I have finally learned to be a better person, a leader. However, immediately afterwards he was struck by a question: Now what shall we do with all the holes left by the nails into the fence? The father replied, "do not touch. They are there to remind you always that learning your way left trace of pain on people and thanks to their delivery, understanding and cooperation now can be the person you are."

The first step for those who want to be a leader is to learn to be aware, because this is a key element to achieve personal leadership. The story ends with the most advanced stage of interpersonal leadership, service to others. We can not be leaders if we do not have the capacity to lead first to ourselves.

Leadership is a spiral path that goes from the inside out. If a pond that feeds into a river is not deep, if you have little water, the river can not irrigate the fields and you can not plant or harvest. Likewise, if the person has first inner depth level, you can not irrigate a constructive leadership and grow people who follow it.



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