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"With the listening takes place as with other ordinary functions such as breathing. We all have to breathe, but very few breathe well."


When we talk, speak and listen. We normally think that talking is active and important part of the conversation. We think that what you say is what the other listens. Nothing is further from the truth.

Talking and listening are both active, but listening is what gives meaning to the communication, as anyone who says anything he says to be heard.

When we speak and hear not only words are transmitted and received, is also involved:

  • Our body: Are we near or far? Where do we look?

  • Our emotions are not the same talking or hearing being angry than being gay.

  • Our judgments and beliefs: That condition both what we say and what we hear.

  • Our expectations: What do we say what we say? Do we care what we are hearing? How does it affect us?

  • Our History: Both the personal history of each as the story of the relationship between people who are conversing.

  • The time and space: Is it a context that facilitates communication?

We hear not only what the other says, but also (and sometimes exclusively) what we say about what the other says. We hear not only words but also the silences, and even the unsaid.

Listening is about to accept others and accept it as a legitimate other. This does not mean agreeing or mean that we do what we ask. It means being present and attentive.

As we learn to listen, we can also learn to be heard. Since when do we speak to be heard, is a fundamental responsibility of the speaker to be heard effectively (and, of course, this is not achieved, for example, screaming).

Learning to listen ... accept each other, learn to speak ... let us listen, learn to accept ... did not learn in school, or college ... Sometimes we learn to live, sometimes we take a lifetime. Still, it's worth...

 Pablo Buol


Listen! When I ask you to listen and advise you start, you're not doing what you've asked.
When I ask you to listen and you start to tell me why I should not feel that way, you're not respecting my feelings.
When I ask you to listen and you think you should do something to solve my problem, my hopes are disappointed.
Listen to me! All I ask is that I hear, talk or do not want you to take trouble for me, hear me, nothing more.
It is easy to advise. But I am not incompetent. Maybe discouraged and I find myself in trouble, but I'm not incompetent.
When you do for me what I can myself and I have need to, you're not doing anything to stoke my fears and my insecurities.
But when you accept me just what I feel it belongs to me, no matter how irrational it is, then I have nothing to try to make you understand more and I have to begin to discover what is inside of me.

Excerpt from "Learning to listen well", Cf. Alemany, Bilbao, 1998


The animals hear. People listen. Listening is different from hearing. When we listen we hear and we add an interpretation to what we hear. Knowing this difference is very important. When we listen, our mind is trained to do whenever an interpretation of what we hear. So we have to pay attention to two things: What the people say and what we are interpreting what people say. What we hear may not be what the other person means. And what we say could be other than what the person ends up listening.

Dr. Mario Rosen


Instructions CEO of a company staff

Director General
To Manager
On Friday at about 17 pm, Halley's comet passed through this region. This is an event that happens once every 78 years.
If so, please meet officials in the courtyard of the factory where they explain this scientific phenomenon.
NOTE: Everyone must wear a helmet. If it were to rain, we can not see the rare spectacle to the naked eye, therefore, all should go to the dining room where a video documentary will be shown on the comet Halley.
-------------------------------------------------- ---------- ------
To Supervisor
By order of the Director-General, on Friday at 17 pm, Halley's Comet will appear above the factory. If it were to rain, please meet the officials, all with safety helmet to protect the naked eye, and direct them to the dining room, where the rare scientific phenomenon takes place, which happens every 78 years.
-------------------------------------------------- ---------- ------
Of Supervisor.
To Head of Production.
At the invitation of our Director General, witness the scientist Halley, 78, is going to appear naked in the dining room of the factory, wearing helmet, also will present a video about the rain problem in safety. The Director shall show the courtyard of the factory.
-------------------------------------------------- ---------- ------
Head of Production
To Foreman
On Friday, at 17 hours, the Director, for the first time in 78 years, will appear nude in the dining room of the factory, to film Halley, the famous scientist and his team. All must be submitted with a helmet, because it will present a show about safety in the rain. The Director will take the band to the courtyard of the factory.
-------------------------------------------------- ---------- ------
To Officer
All naked, without exception, should be presented to security personnel in the courtyard of the factory on Friday, at 17 pm, as the chief and Mr. Halley, famous guitarist and his band will be there to show the rare film " Dancing in the rain. " If he started to rain, we go to the dining room, wearing a helmet. The show will be there and happens once every 78 years.
-------------------------------------------------- ---------- -------
On Friday, at 17 hours, the Director will celebrate its 78 years and will give a festichola in the dining room. He will present "Bill Haley and his Comets". Everyone should be naked and helmet because the band is very crazy and the music is going to listen to the courtyard, but it pours.



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