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A New Look

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"Humans do not have the biological mechanisms for how things are." Humberto Maturana (Biólogo)

What do we see when we see what we see? Do we see an external reality independent of us and our watch? Or do we see a "reality" conditioned by our perceptual mechanisms (biological) and our understanding (mental model)?

A dog, you will see the same reality as we see it, human beings? And a mosquito? Will they see the same reality an Italian priest, an Iraqi military, a Russian child, a teenager and an elderly Indian English? Obviously not ...

We know the limitations of our senses, we know that there are colors that do not see (infrared, ultraviolet), we know that there are sounds that do not listen. We know that circulate around us radio and TV waves, we can not grasp but with a special device. Not occur to us to discuss a book after reading only one sentence of it. But this is what we do with the world around us. We know what it is, we know it, we define it, explain ... want to be right. The only constant in the universe is constantly changing its How to know what something is, if you change the time?

"We do not know how things are. We only know how to observe them or how to interpret them. We live in worlds interpretation."
Rafael Echeverría

Since everyone can interpret things differently, and neither is the truth, does this mean that any interpretation does not matter, they are all alike?
No, not every interpretation is equal to any other.

Perhaps the truth is it the only criterion we have to distinguish between different interpretations?
Again no. We propose that the most important criterion for choosing between different interpretations is the view that we can give the power, effectiveness, the welfare of each one of them.

Any interpretation opens or closes certain possibilities, enables or inhibits certain actions.
Learning to change our look, to look in new ways, can open possibilities for action and intervention that would otherwise not be visible.
The ability to change the world is associated with the power of our interpretations.

I hope these simple reflections serve as a little inspiration to create new looks. With the joy of reunion, after a quiet time together today we refleaccionar. Thank you for your attention


Pablo Buol



The emerging light of day began to dispel the darkness of a warm and beautiful night. A dove, hovering and fluttering, entered a small, secluded temple in India. All the walls were adorned with mirrors and they demonstrated the image of a rose that was placed as an offering in the center of the altar.
The dove, taking pictures of the rose itself, rushed against them, colliding violently again and again against the glass walls of the temple until the end, his frail body burst and met his death. Then the body of the bird, still warm, just fell on the rose.

Ramiro Calle, "Cuentos de la India".


It is important that we realize that our opinions are the result of past thought, of all our experiences, what others have said or left unsaid. And all that is enrolled in the program memory. We can therefore identify with these views and react to defend them, though such a thing is meaningless because, if our view is correct, no need of such a reaction and why should we defend it if we're wrong? However, when we identify with our beliefs, we have no choice but to defend because, in this case, we experienced the attack on our beliefs as a personal attack. In this case, the views tend to be expressed as "truths", even if only beliefs held by you and your environment. These may be beliefs that a teacher has given us, the family, some reading or whatever, but for one reason or another, we have identified with them and we feel obligated to defend ...

But you can not defend something without thinking before the defense and to this end, we must put aside all those thoughts that bring into question what we both want to defend, which can easily lead to self-deception, to avoid saying much that are wrong, to distort others, and so on. The thought fiercely defending their fundamental beliefs to any evidence that may be wrong ...

The problem arises when people gather to talk or legislators, businessmen or whoever, try to make something in common. If we try to work together we will soon realize that each of us has different opinions and beliefs and that things are not as easy as we thought and begin to get complicated. In fact, some people encounter this problem in large companies where senior executives can hold opinions different and, therefore, can not work together. And if the company is not effective, it begins to collapse and lose money.

David Bohm




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