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"Every conflict is a great opportunity for growth. If you deny it, hide it, he flies, brings stagnation, resentment and increased pain." Javier Beccuti

There is much talk of "seize the opportunities before us." It seems to obvious. However, I wonder: Are there opportunities or create them? How to seize an opportunity that we are not seeing? What makes it such an opportunity and not something else?

"A wise man will seek more opportunities that are presented."
Francis Bacon

For example, it says that "crisis and opportunity are two sides of the same coin." What is the difference then? If the currency (the event, the facts) is perhaps the only difference is in what I'm looking at both sides. Returning to the previous question: What makes it such an opportunity and not something else? We could say that what makes an opportunity is an opportunity, it is our view. The difference between crisis and opportunity is in our way of looking ...

Crisis and Opportunity means "Change". In one case, a change for the worse: we lose something. The other is a change for the better: we win something. However, any change, there is always something to lose and there is something we earn. If we learn to look, if we focus on the possibilities offered by the change, we are transforming the apparent crisis into an opportunity. 

"Everyday life gives you another chance to restart, change and create a different destination."
Renny Yagosesky

And if it is true that change is a constant of life is no less true that we can bring it about. We can choose, we can change, can cause changes around us. 

 Pablo Buol


Story to reflect


A man found a cocoon of a butterfly and took it home to see the butterfly when he got out of the cocoon. One day he saw that there was a small hole and then sat down to watch for hours, watching the butterfly struggled to get out of the cocoon.

The man saw that he struggled hard to get through your body through the small hole in the cocoon, until there came a time when the struggle seemed to have stopped, apparently did not progress in their attempt. It seemed that was jammed.

Then the man, in his kindness, decided to help the butterfly and scissors cut a small hole next to the biggest asshole to do so was finally able to leave the butterfly.

But leaving the butterfly had a swollen body and wings very small and bent.

The man continued to watch, as expected at any moment the wings would unfold and grow enough to support the body, which would contract by reducing the swelling was.

Neither happened and the Butterfly situations could only crawl in circles with her ​​body swollen and their wings folded ... Never was able to fly.

What man in his kindness and haste did not understand was that the restriction of the opening of the cocoon and the struggle required for the butterfly to get through the tiny hole, was the way the body fluids forced nature of the butterfly to their wings, that were bigger and stronger and then could fly.

Freedom and flight would only come after the struggle and to deprive the butterfly struggle, he was also the privacy of your health. Sometimes struggles are what we need in life. If we enable them to progress through our life without obstacles, we would become invalid.

We could not grow and be as strong as might have been.


Crisis and Opportunity

The crisis often can predict, presage and predict, but the idea that interests me is that they also may cause. Why this interest to cause crisis?: Because crises create the context and the opportunity, sometimes only one, where you learn something new or transformed into something better. The crisis stems from the security area of our life and launches us beyond our own limits and limitations. It's like in nature, everything seems quiet and stable for a while until suddenly burst pressures of change and growth earnings. The pupae burst, the buds burst, exploding volcanoes, waves explode, eggs burst, the earth explodes, storms erupt ... conflicts erupt, emotions flare, the body explodes ... and a new instance appears, a new life occurs, or a new equilibrium is established. Sometimes the crisis, chaos, is the only opportunity to break out and become the kind of person we want to be. The crisis left at their mercy is often explosive and unpredictable event, a cut, a separation. Under our personal domain could be a process, a state decision. In this case the crisis is an art, the art of getting and displaying the crisis in time to assimilate them into a state of constant learning, and thus lead smoothly into the future.

We fired inexorably forward, we want to go there or not realizing it, so we should enjoy the journey and not resist. Otherwise, crises erupt without warning brutally throwing us forward on acceleration and deceleration processes seizures tremendously risky and uncertain results.

Dr. Mario Rosen




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