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Personal Crisis

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"The only reason to do is want to do".
Julio Olalla


Do you sometimes happens to us, in living, that we are as confused, without direction. We are confusing ourselves in crisis. What we do when this happens?
Sometimes we just, we move by inertia, put on autopilot and let the circumstances, the routine will lead us.

Further, we connect with the "shoulds" (what should be / make a person like me in a circumstance like this?). We, in this case, social norms, education received, the advice of others to guide us in our accionar.Tal time after time, that uncomfortable feeling of disorientation happens. And most likely, back later.
What else could we do to take advantage of the opportunity provided by these "personal crisis"? We can, for example, get in touch with ourselves and ask ourselves: What do you want? What do I care? What do you do for me that life is worth? What are my dreams?

We can explore from the question, from not knowing earlier. Accepting that what I want, what I care, I care, beyond what others think, beyond the consequences of bringing this action (which, in any case, we evaluate below).

And in this self inquiry can be very useful to accompany a Ontological Coach.

   Pablo Buol

 "The horizon is reached every day". 
Glenda Cloud



She is on the horizon.
I walk two steps,
it moves two steps.
I walk another ten steps
and the horizon runs
ten steps further.
As much as I walk
never reach it.
And then ...
What good is utopia?
For that serve:
To walk.

Eduardo Galeano                                  


Start with the end in mind means to start with a clear understanding of your destination. It means knowing where you are going, so that they can better understand where you are, and always give the right steps in the right direction.

It is incredibly easy to fall into the trap of activity in the busyness of life, work harder and to climb the ladder of success, and finally discover who is leaning against the wrong wall. You may be busy, busy, without being very effective.

Often people are getting empty victory, successes achieved at the expense of things that suddenly realizes that they are much more valuable.

Sthephen Covey


Due to a number of circumstances, an eagle's egg went to a corner of the barn where a hen brooding her eggs. And so the little eaglet was hatched with the chickens.

After some time, the marsh, inexplicably, began to feel like flying. So Mom asked hen:
"When I learn to fly?".

The poor hen was perfectly aware that she could not fly nor had the slightest idea of what other birds were to train their young in the art of flying.

But as I was ashamed to acknowledge his inability, he replied evasively:
"It is too soon, my son. I'll show you when the time comes."

Months passed and the young eagle began to suspect that her mother could not fly. But it was not able to escape and fly on their own, because his intense desire to fly was mixed with the feeling of gratitude she felt towards the bird that had been incubated. 

Anthony de Mello


Today I was born (Amado Nervo)


Every day that passes, you have to say:
"Today I was born!
The world is new to me, the light
I look at it,
hurts, no doubt, by the first
my clear eyes;
rain today its crystals fray
is my baptism. "

"Come, then, to live a pure life,
a crisp live.
Yesterday is gone already: I went wrong?, Okay?
... Come oblivion
and left alone, that yesterday, the essence,
gold intimate
of what I loved and suffered as he marched
by the way "

"Today, every moment, good and to happiness,
be propitious;
and the essential reason for my existence,
I decided to hurry, pour the joy over the world,
pouring wine
the goodness of hungry mouths
regilded in mine. "



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