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The Power of Words

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"The future of a successful company is successful in its submission." Peter Drucker

There are certain lessons that have great impact on our possibilities and our lives. For example, when we learn to stand up (as a species and as individuals) have the ability to look from another point, we can walk and run, we have more agility. Not only this, but to liberate our arms and our hands is a myriad of new possibilities within our reach. Something similar happens with language acquisition. 

"Language is more than a communication tool. It is an instrument of communication, identity, pleasure, it builds, it cleans. It is an instrument of thought, reflection, critical."
Ivonne Bordelois

When we started talking, we deepen and expand our ability to communicate. With the conversations we have (with others and with us) we sense the world around us. Not only do we describe it, but we define its meaning and what is possible (and desirable) in our present and future. By learning to talk, learn to reflect, to coordinate with others to establish harmonious relations, to express our views and needs. 

"Many of the problems of effectiveness and suffering we face in the world (of organizations and in personal life) is related to inefficiencies presented in the form of conversations and relationships with other... Julio Olalla

However, few of us develop our conversational skills. We know that talk, we talk. Or, have the biological capacity to hear, we listen to someone else. Generally, neither in our family environment, or in our formal education, have taught us to communicate effectively. 

"The converse is a particular way of living together in coordination and the thrill of doing. So the talk is a builder of realities. Operating in the language changes our physiology. So we can injure or caress with the words."
Humberto Maturana

Human beings do not communicate as do animals or machines. All our human dimension is at stake. Learning to communicate is not about to learn a technique or a recipe. Yes, however, has much to do with building trust, respect for others and for ourselves, with our emotions and our desires, our feelings and values. 

Pablo Buol


Celebrating the human voice
When true, when the need arises to say, the human voice no one can stop. If you refuse the mouth, it speaks for the hands, or eyes, or pores, or wherever. For all, every last one, we have something to say to others, something that deserves to be held by others or forgiven.

Eduardo Galeano


The story goes that on one occasion, a wise teacher went to his attentive audience giving valuable lessons about the sacred power of the word, and the influence it exerts on our lives and those of others.

- "What you say has no value" - a man who questioned what was in the audience.

The teacher listened carefully and as soon finish his sentence, he shouted out: "Shut up, stupid! And sit down, you idiot!". To the amazement of the people, the aforementioned filled with rage, released several curses and, when he was beside himself, the teacher raised his voice and said, "Excuse me sir, I have offended and ask forgiveness, accept my sincere apologies and know that I respect your opinion, even when we disagree. "

Mr. calmed down and told the teacher: "I understand, and I apologize and accept that differences of opinion should not be used to fight, but to look at other options."

The teacher smiled and said, "Excuse me, you've been this way, but that we've all seen most clearly, the great power of words: With a few words exalted him and calmed him with a few others."

Words are not carried by the wind, the words leave their mark, they have power and influence positively or negatively...


Interpersonal communication

"Communication" is a type of word such as "organization" is not easy to define. One way of seeing it as "an interpersonal process of sending and receiving symbols that have meaning." It is, therefore, that the result is an exchange of information and sharing certain opinion between people. Thus, a measure of the effective management of interpersonal communication is that information is transmitted and which relationships are built.

The successful transfer of information depends largely on the nature and quality of information received and this, in turn, depends on the nature and quality of the relationship between the people involved. Individuals tend to experience a personal satisfaction when they communicate and interact with friends, relatives and others who know them well, in fact, with people you feel comfortable. They feel the need to be on guard about the way they handle their relationships with others ...

But managers often have to work with other people, which have not established such relationships to achieve organizational objectives. Maybe give that lead to misunderstandings and conflicts or disagreements often get to avoid conflicts with the consequent increase in distrust. From the above, a lack of cooperation emerge and unhealthy working environment. People behave with kindness and apparently cooperate, but because of interpersonal problems that remain unsolved, the quality of interpersonal communication is poor.

People are different and we need to understand the nature of these differences and try to modify our interpersonal behavior to treat them.

R.Rudlow - F. Panton



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