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"A man of genius makes his failures as errors, and voluntarily transformed into portals of discovery." James Joyce 


Can we discover what is new in the apparently old and familiar? Can we discover in ourselves, something new and different, so far passed unnoticed?

Undoubtedly yes, we can. Sometimes, enough to just observe, self observe more carefully and be aware of ourselves. Other times, we need a teacher or someone to guide us, or just someone to show us what we are not seeing.

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes."
William James

It is impossible to liberate from prison if you do not see what imprisons us. We can feel the difficulty, the obstacle, the problem that causes us pain ... seek the solution output, without finding it. We do not realize that we seek within a closed circle. We need a change of attitude...

"You hear your own voice ... Begin now, and live an experience designed for you and for you, and love your life."
Susan P. Schutz

Learning to look, learn to look at ourselves, learn to think from our life experiences and learn to listen what they say, learn to listen to ourselves, what we feel, what we want ... is like a key, we all have available, and allows us to open a door to new ways of being and doing.

New ways to give us more effective and well-being, enhance our quality of life. There is no magic in this, is simply giving us the opportunity to learn and rediscover. 

Pablo Buol



When I saw my worth, someone noticed.
When I admitted my courage, someone admitted it.
When I discovered that I have an important mission in life, someone wanted to accompany me.
When I opened my eyes and saw that I am an important person ... were you beside me.

Mariela Spangenberg


If you look at how you're made of and how it works, you'll find in your mind the whole "program" a whole series of assumptions about how the world should be, how you should be yourself and what you want.

Who is responsible for this "program"? You do not, of course. No really you who has decided such fundamental things are your wishes and requirements, your needs, your values, your tastes, your attitudes ... Were your parents, your society, your culture, your religion and your past experiences which have entered your "computer" performance standards. But whatever your age and wherever you go, your "computer" goes with you and acts and works in every conscious moment of the day, desperately insisting that its requirements must be satisfied for life, by the people, for you it. In doing so, the "computer" will allow you to live peacefully and happily, otherwise, although not your fault, will generate negative emotions that will make you suffer ...

Look inside yourself, study your reactions to people and situations and feel horror to discover the amount of prejudice that underlie your reactions. Almost never respond to the concrete reality of the person or thing before you. To which I say is a series of principles, beliefs, ideologies and economic, political, religious and psychological, a lot of preconceived ideas and prejudices, both positive and negative. Consider, one by one, every person, every thing and every situation, and try to find out what your disposition with respect to each of them corresponding separating reality of your perceptions and projections scheduled ...

I turn now to your life and look at this or that event for which you do not feel especially grateful, and try to find the growth potential that encloses and have not become aware until now, so you could not benefit from it . Also think about a recent event has caused you pain and negative feelings. Whatever the thing, person or situation that has produced such feelings, was "master" for you, because you revealed something (or a lot) about you that you probably did not know and has invited and challenged to discover yourself and know you better and thus grow and access to life and freedom.

Anthony de Mello




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