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Resist change

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"Change is, in itself, the very basis of our continuity as a people. Only what can be changed can continue".
James Carse

Change is the only constant in life. Resisting change is to resist life. It simply does not work.

However, not all changes are desirable, we do not care that another change. And that's where we can intervene with our power of decision, action and leadership, leading change, to guide the direction that matters. This can be a sometimes simple, sometimes complicated, and others downright impossible, since many of the changes that can be imported are outside our area of influence. And it is good to recognize that we are not omnipotent.

There are changes that, as simple or complicated, are always possible, are those to do with our own change. Some can achieve through an exchange of shares, or habits. For others we need a transformational learning process.

It is in this learning process where, through the Ontological Coaching, we new ways of being, thinking, feeling and doing. For this we start with some questions like: What changes would like to happen in your life? What results do you care? This year that has just begun ... What are you willing to do for this to happen? Who are willing to be? Can you help? Who? What would you have to learn or build?

Today, we change. To renew, to preserve our integrity, explore new ways and, above all, to serve you better.

   Pablo Buol

"Change is inevitable, growth is intentional". 
Glenda Cloud

"In times of change, who are willing to learn will inherit the earth, while those who think they already know will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that ceased to exist" Eric Höffer


he Master endured, sitting patiently, complaints that a woman had against her husband.

When she finished, he said:

- Your marriage would be happier, dear, if you were a better wife.

- And how I can be?

- Giving up your efforts to try to make him a better husband.

Before switching to the other, it changes you. Clean your window to see better.


ALL CHANGE (Julio Numhauser)


Change the superficial
Also changes the depth
Change the mindset
Change everything in this world.

Climate changes over the years
Change the shepherd his flock
And as everything changes
I change not strange.

Change the finest brilliant
Hand in hand its luster
Change the bird's nest
Change the feel a lover.

Walker changes tack
Although this will cause damage
And as everything changes
I change not strange.

Changes, everything changes
Changes, everything changes.

Changes in the sun on his career
When the night remains
Change the dressing plant and
Spring green.

Change the beast fur
Change the old hair
And as everything changes
I change not strange.

But do not change my love
However far I find
Neither the memory nor the pain
Of my people and my people.

And what changed yesterday
You will need to change tomorrow
Just as I change
In this distant land.

Changes, everything changes
Changes, everything changes.


Many of the problems of effectiveness and suffering we face in the world (of organizations and in personal life) is related to inefficiencies presented in the form of conversations and relationships with others. For example, it is possible to find highly competent teams in technical yet have trust issues that make it difficult to coordinate actions that generate resentment problems cultures resignation rumor or problems that make impossible to exploit the opportunities offered by the future. On a personal level many people suffer from their inability to be heard, because of its difficulty to claim or difficulty in recognizing the work of others. Alongside this, the permanent change that exists in organizations has transformed the learning ability in fundamental skill for innovation and adaptation of them, the ability to learn is now the competition allows us to successfully face the threat of obsolescence to which we subject to change.

Ontological Coaching is a discipline that was born as an attempt to take charge of the paradoxes we have in today's organizations. Highly effective with high doses of suffering with technical expertise workplaces taken by mistrust, high technological capabilities and resources to face the future with resignation.

Rational education that dominated the West in recent centuries convinced us that enough rational understanding of the issues for change. Today we know that is not sufficient merely to claim that we want to change to go into action is more, our incompetence to generate large changes are at the level of emotional intelligence and body. Generate commitment to work teams, enthusiasm for the future, ability to react to the continuing emergency and crisis that arise in organizations requires the skills of emotional intelligence and the traditional management body has not developed. Have good explanations for why things happen does not ensure that we can deploy actions to take care of them.

Julio Olalla



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