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"When there is respect for oneself and for others, communication is easier." Rooder Fifighti


What do you mean "Respect"? At the time of our grandparents, demanding respect meant something like: "Do as I say, and keep silent." Demand respect meant a demand for submission and obedience. We believe that this concept of respect is outdated, but still exists in certain areas or people.

In other areas also confuse respect with keeping a formal distance, or keep a deal to save certain rules of conduct. We believe that respect has more to do with an attitude essential that a formal treatment.

"If you think you do not owe me anything, you owe me nothing, because I respect all beliefs and because all beliefs are equal. These are all beliefs." Antonio Porchia

We understand and respect the "acceptance of others as a legitimate other." This means that we accept that feels, thinks, acts differently from ours. And that is legitimate in its own way. This does not mean that we agree. Just the respect comes from the difference as a possibility.

“Respect does not mean submissive fear and reverence, denotes, according to the root of the word (respicere = look), the ability to see a person as he is, aware of their unique individuality. Respect means caring for the other person grow and develop as it is. Thus, respect is the absence of exploitation.”
Erich From

When no respect, no struggle. Do not try to force the other to do, think, feel, in a different way. We are not fighting for any reason. No aggression. This respect, we propose as a basic predisposition in all our relationships, builds trust, freedom, responsibility, consciousness.

I propose now a space of self-observation and reflection: How do you relate to your parents, children, couples, officers, employees, neighbors, etc..? Is there respect for the other? Is there respect for yourself? 

 Pablo Buol 


The leader knows who has the power, but power does not have to do wrong. You have to be very measured power. You must respect everyone equally and not command respect through fear. The player or the people you lead should be able to express themselves, but not out of place, there is the border.

Carlos Bianchi 



When operating under the cultural bias inherent in the 'objectivity', we can not trust our interlocutor. By failing to establish mutual trust in the living, not displayed the sense of security agents in the conversation, why not move where you want to achieve something the thrill of control and domination that denies the other and undermine the respect for self and other. These emotions, beliefs and actions impede the dynamics of coexistence in mutual acceptance.

Humberto Maturana 


Honesty deep: it involves the authenticity, effectiveness and respect. The key to achieving this is to talk about the experience itself and do not describe the reality that surrounds me. Honesty takes deeper aggression and speaks of a common goal. This leads to humility, which is able to take my ideas "raw" and transform them into something that serves to effectively shared.

Procedure means that we evaluate others only from our perspective, without considering the possible validity of their own, we evaluate self-centered perspective, without considering that the point of view of others is equally valid and deserves our respect, when we decide things others, are not we respect, we are saying they are not smart enough or able to manage their own lives. When we are vile in our respect we can become dogmatic or narrow-minded.

Fredy Kofman


I also learned some other things, for example, the power of respect and realize that in many of our countries particularly in Latin America, but not only them, respect levels are terribly low. And the power of building relationships of respect translates into an immense power in creativity, wellness, inventanviles worlds that we can turn our respect dogmatic or narrow-minded.

Julio Olalla




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