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The Own Way

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"You can read all the books you want. What makes the difference is your desire to look into a mirror." Laura Schleshinger.

"The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken."
Samuel Johnson

In the last ... 50 years? has been installed in our civilized society a very convenient habit: food packaging. Vegetables, fruit, fish, soups ... canned (or other similar container). I say it is very convenient because it is practical, accessible, comfortable, fast, clean. Sure, we know that food has the same properties that the natural food and obviously does not have the same taste.

"What will change your life not knowing more .. but the decisions you make and the actions that you undertake."
A. Robbins

For about 20 or 30 years, a new practice that is gaining many adherents: the consumption of packaged thoughts. Books, seminars, ... titles like "Be a successful entrepreneur," "The 10 Keys to Success," "How to be happy," "The 7 techniques for a better life" have, in a sense, the same virtues of canned food: they are convenient, accessible, practical, comfortable, fast and clean. Have only one problem: generally do not work. 

"We discover for yourself what you discover for yourself, not what others find for you."
A. Porchia

It seems that in this hectic world of the early millennium do not have time for ourselves, we do not have time to go, to explore, we want quick results. Perhaps this is why we, often, to tell us what works and try to adopt them. We are looking for a recipe that is practical, comfortable, fast. We do not want the path, only to arrive. We do not realize that these "thoughts packaged", often well intentioned, are for someone who made their own discoveries, his own experience. And the experience is not transmitted. Apply the result without the experience is like trying to feed without making the process of digestion.

"A wandering life is meaningless. Recall that the meaning of life what we give. With the decisions of yesterday morning we will build our."
Alfredo Puerta

Therefore, to return to give meaning to our lives, to give depth to feel the taste (sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet) is important to start building and find our own way. Evaluate and learn from other roads, but not blindly follow. 

"The human brain, and therefore the capacity, but is determined by genetic conditioning is always unfinished intellectually: it is possible to generate new neurons throughout life and so they can learn and improve."
Dr. Pablo Argibay

We have everything you need: Our ability to watch and observe, the ability to learn, to create, to question, to change ... Are we ready to build our own life? Are we willing to leave the comfort of the routine? Are we willing to risk being wrong? Are we willing to question the beliefs that limit us? Are we willing to face the challenge? 

"Within 30 years, we are disappointed that we did not do rather than what it is. It's time to start browsing. See, dreams, enjoy."
R. Brault

I hope these simple reflections serve as a little inspiration. Thank you for your attention and, especially, a huge THANK YOU to all who write to share their views and concerns. 

   Pablo Buol


A man child is not a man whose development has stopped on the contrary, is a man who has given himself the opportunity to continue to develop long after most adults have taken refuge in the cocoon of middle-aged the routine and conventions.  Aldous Huxley

The man knows how to make new roads obstacles because life is enough space for a crack to be reborn. In this task it is to refuse to choke prime of life as we shine.
Ernesto Sabato


Each person shines
among all others.

No two fires alike.
There are large fires and fire guys
and fireworks of all colors.

There are people of serene fire
that does not even notice the wind,
and people crazy fire
that fills the air with sparks.

Some fires, fireworks, stupid,
not light or burn;
but others burn so hard life
you can not look at them without blinking,
and who is coming, it ignites.

Eduardo Galeano


How paved the way.

One day, a calf went through a virgin forest to return to their pasture. As it was an irrational animal, opened a tortuous path, full of curves, up and down hills.
The next day, a dog who was passing by the same path used to traverse the forest. Next came a ram, head of the herd, that seeing the open space and made ​​his companions to follow through.
Later, men began to use this path: in and out, turned right and left, down, deviating from obstacles, complaining and cursing, with good reason. But they did nothing to create a new alternative.
After much use, the trail eventually become a wide road where the poor tired animals under heavy loads, forced to travel three hours away might have been defeated in thirty minutes if they had not followed the path opened by the calf.
Many years passed and the road became the main street of a village and, finally, in the main street of a city. All complained of traffic, because the journey was the worst possible.
Meanwhile, the wise old forest laugh, seeing that men tend to follow the path as blind and open, without thinking, without ever wondering if that is the best choice.

Jornalinho (Portugal).


Noise pollution is currently the most crucial element of pollution that can have. In Britain, a small, highly populated, it's very, very hard to find silence. So what we have to do is learn to find silence in the noise. And we need to find peace in chaos. You know, people think that to find peace, and find solitude, and to find calm, you gotta go and find a large piece of land into a wilderness, where nothing is happening, and is calm and at peace. And this is love, is beautiful. But you know, we live in the world as it is, we have to find solitude and peace and calm when all hell is dropping around us. It is critical that we do this.

If you see and watch people, and ultimately applies to people, including myself, find that we live in different prisons, mental, emotional, guilt, fear, frustration, all these emotions of resentment. And yet, if you have 6 billion people living on their own internal prison, their own individual prisons, then collectively can not help but express a collective prison, a collective version of that .... Working on ourselves is also work in the world because we are the world and the world is us.

I think the chaos is in the eye of the beholder, really. We are heading towards a period of chaos, but what is chaos? Chaos is often confused with transition. When something is broken that needs to be broken, then there will be a period of apparent chaos. But what will happen is more chaotic than if things develop as needed, because this system has to fall before something better can replace otherwise suffocate the system itself and delete it seeks to replace. So I think we should not focus too much chaos as a necessarily bad thing.


David Icke (Matrix)




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