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Types of Coaching

The different types of coaching

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In the last 10 years coaching the coach and words have become fashionable in different areas of our society. There is talk of coaching in business management magazines, even television contests. There are many coaching books, articles on the Internet, newspapers and magazines. Offers courses, workshops and services. There is talk of executive coaching, team coaching, coaching and leadership, life coaching ,coaching business, coaching coercive, ontological coaching ... generating a lot of confusion and little clarity about what is being said. To make matters worse, as in any discipline, there are people with little education and a certain lack of ethics and conduct speaking something called coaching, without the required minimal preparation.

Part of the problem arises because the word coach (coach) and coaching (training) are used to refer to very different disciplines and outlooks. Coaching is basically a workout for best results, but this term alone is not enough to define what we mean.

According to the methodology we can say that there are 3 completely different types of coaching:

1) Expert Coaching: This coaching call where a person with knowledge, skills and experience in a specific subject, trains another or others in this area. It can be a dance or singing coach, a financial coach or a coach of a specific sport. Ultimately it is the same figure of the teacher, teacher, tutor, consultant, etc.. dedicated not only to convey their specific teaching but also to actively train in it.

2) Action Coaching: A type of training that arises in the sports world, mainly in the U.S., and is then taken to the field emrpesarial and staff. Training is based on the challenge, pressure, and motivating people. It's stressful, experiential, aggressive and targeted exclusively to the achievement of objectives, usually with high costs. It has good results, especially in Anglo-Saxon cultures. And it has been a boom in Latin America in recent years, generating much controversy for his aggressive approach and features of sect.

3) Coaching ontological: emerges from the research of biologist Humberto Maturana, the development made by Fernando Flores and studies and systematization of Rafael Echeverria. It also incorporates elements of psychology, philosophy, linguistics and modern management. It focuses on transformational learning through questioning, self-observation, reflection and action to achieve extraordinary results with effectiveness and prosperity. It is fundamentally cautious, respectful and not aggressive. It has excellent results, both in business and personal, and especially in the Latino culture.

Also, according to the recipient of coaching we can speak of personal (individual), group (team) and corporate (business).

Finally, according to the context and objectives, we can talk about executive coaching, business, sports, life, etc..

Learning ontological coaching, today, has two key functions.

On the one hand meet the growing demand for professionals in this discipline required throughout Latin America and Europe (mainly Spain).

On the other hand, and not least, fill gaps and deficiencies of the education received and the cultural context, promoting the use of knowledge, tools and techniques to improve our effectiveness distinas and welfare. In other words, improving our performance and our quality of life.


Ontological Coaching

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