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When nothing is sure ... anything is possible...


Life, in general, and particularly human, is full of uncertainty. Just as we say that the only constant in the universe is change, we can say that can only be certain of uncertainty.

However, in our daily lives, we apparently want, we assume we live, many times, full of certainty.
What moves us to this? Fear? Prevention? ¿Blindness? ¿Arrogance? A lack of confidence in ourselves, in others, in life itself?

What is the cost we pay for our certainties? Where there is certainly no mystery, no awe, no room for the possibility does not make sense to investigate, explore, question, create. There is nothing to discover.

What if we abandon, just for a little while, some certainties? I say "some certainty" because we agree that there is no certainty that work, allow us to move, they give us good results. For example, I put water on the fire, the water warms up, I can make myself a tea, coffee, etc.. Fantastic!

Now, what happens in those situations where we are not satisfied with the results? In our personal lives, intimate, our affections, work, business, the country. What are the certainties that we do not question? What could invent or discover, if these truths were not so true? What new possibilities would open?

Many times, these certainties are invisible to us. Others do not want to face the possibility of seeing a different alternative. Part of the work of an Ontological Coach is to discover and question, with respect and care, these certainties that produce ineffective and discomfort.

   Pablo Buol

"Yes, yes, I have no certainty, even the certainty of uncertainty. So I think that every thought is ... good, conjectural." 
Jorge L. Borges

"Everybody dreams of freedom, but they are in love with their chains." 

Convictions are prisons." 
Federico Nietzsche

"Human life is insecurity." 
Julián Marías

"People are not afraid to change, but the uncertainty generated by the change." 
Alvin Toffler

"The most wonderful thing we can experience is the mysterious."
Albert Einstein


When operating under the cultural bias inherent in the 'objectivity', we can not trust our interlocutor. By failing to establish mutual trust in the living, not displayed the sense of security agents in the conversation, why not move where you want to achieve something the thrill of control and domination that denies the other and undermine the respect for self and other. These emotions, beliefs and actions impede the dynamics of coexistence in mutual acceptance.  

Humberto Maturana



Some truths are sweet, but not eternal.
There are truths candy, because they are eternal.
There are no eternal truths.
And there are very few sweets.
There are no eternal truths,
because there are no certainties,
not even one.
Truth and certainty are not the same issue.
The truth is human
and, as such, insecure and weak,
or silent cries out for justice or cowed,
and implore compassion when it is persecuted.
It is fickle and multiple, fragile and words,
if he agrees, lies, or at least accommodates,
and find its weakness its true glory.
The certainty, if any,
belongs to another world, which is perhaps thinkable,
but not imaginable, and even less livable
and never comes to mind, and in no way concerns us.
My love is sweet, and it is also true.
The sweetest that I have. And both their firmness,
as its duration, are unknown to me.
My love is not my certainty,
is even more beautiful.
My love is sweet and it fills me
that human truth, clear and fragile.
My love moves me and it pushes me,
as a burden
the sweet burden that forces me to be,
Now that I love.
In its sweetness nothing holding me back.
At its really nothing I set limits.
No eternity promises both.

Enric Soria (Andén de cercanías)




During the early years of the hospital for the blind, as we know, all the inmates wielded the same rights and small issues were resolved by simple majority, taking them out to vote. With the sense of touch to distinguish knew copper coins and silver, and was never the case that none of them confused with the Moselle wine of Burgundy. They smell much more sensitive than their sighted neighbors. About four senses were able to establish brilliant reasoning, that is, they knew all there is to know, and so calm and happy living to the extent that such a thing is possible. 

Unfortunately it happened that one of his teachers said the claim to know something concrete about the sense of sight. Speeches, waved as he could, and finally won fans managed to make principal name of the guild of the blind. Lecturing about the world of colors, and since then everything started to go wrong.

The first dictator of the blind began to create a circle of advisers, whereby took possession of all the handouts. Since then no one could oppose him, and ruled that all blind clothing was white. They thought and spoke much of his beautiful white clothes, but none of them took them in such a color. So the world mocked them, so they complained to the dictator. He received a very bad mood, treated them innovative, rakes and rebels who adopted the foolish opinions of people who have sight. They were rebels because, if unheard, dared to doubt the infallibility of his boss. This question elicited the appearance of two games.

To appease the spirits, the chief prince of the blind launched a new edict, stating that the dress was red blind. But this was not true, no blind wearing red clothes. The taunting got worse and the blind community was increasingly complaining. The boss was furious, and others too. The battle lasted a long time and there was no peace until the blind made ​​the decision to temporarily suspend all judgments about colors.

A deaf person who read this story admitted that the error had been to the blind daring to think about colors. For its part, however, continued to strongly believe that the deaf were the only people allowed to say in music.

Hermann Hesse


Do not be so sure


Many of the people I meet want to develop more harmonious and satisfying. But we do not realize that this can only be achieved by partnering with two new partners: the uncertainty and confusion.

Many of us were not trained to whether we liked it or admit confusion when we feel hesitant and doubtful. In our schools and organizations, we value the fact appear safe and confident. People are rewarded for stating their opinions as facts. The quick answers abound, the pensive gone. The confusion has yet to emerge as a higher order value or reward behavior that organizations with more enthusiasm ...

In this increasingly complex world, it is impossible to see it ourselves all that is happening. The only way to see better the complexity is to ask others about their perspectives and experiences. However, if we open ourselves to their perceptions disconcordantes, we are dwelling in the uncomfortable space of 'not knowing'.

It is very difficult to give up our certainty: these perspectives, beliefs and explanations define us and are the center of our personal identity. Certainty is our lens to interpret what is happening, and while our explanations work, feel a sense of stability and security. But in a changing world, certainty does not give us stability, on the contrary, it creates more chaos ...

We can not be creative if we refuse to confusion. Change always starts with confusion treasure interpretations must dissolve to make way for the new. Of course it's scary to give up what we know, but in the abyss is where the new dwelling. If we overcome fear and enter the abyss, we discover that we are creative...

Margaret Wheatley



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