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"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new ways but in having new eyes".
Marcel Proust


Usually when we talk about vision, speech of Vision, talk about the north that guides our direction, purpose or goal to accomplish. Y. .. What about our vision of this?

Perhaps we believe that this is given, that is, as we see ... and in this case would not make sense to design a vision of it. However, if we accept that we do not know how things are, if we become aware that we have no access to reality as it is, designing a vision of this begins to make sense. Especially when I realize that depending on what you're watching and how they are seeing, there are certain ways, actions, feelings, possible ... and others no
From here I can question me What I see when I see what I see?

Where do I focus when I look? What there is, or what is missing? What criticism or recognition? What weakness or strength? Does the possibility or justification?

What am I looking to watch? Is there something you want to defend? Maybe my image? Are my reasons? Maybe justify? Do I make contact with the other? Do I see it as a legitimate one? Do I cooperate or compete?

Where do I look? How long the fear? How long have confidence? How long have certainty? How long the comparison?

Okay, then, to ask what is the vision I have of my partner, my children, my parents, my boss, my staff, my teammates? What is this vision I have of myself, of my life? What if you start to look the other way?

Sometimes our vision gets "trapped" in an issue, a problem in a way of looking ... and so were as blind. Some time ago I saw an ad where a boy, sitting in a wheelchair, said "I have MS, but do not live as if all I have." Surely this way of looking at this view of this we have, not the only possible ... What if we began to explore new ways of seeing, of looking ... ad-watch? 


Do you remember Fowl game? Blindfolded, a few laps y. .. out to play. Imagine now that you get up from your chair ... blindfolded, a few laps y. .. out life. Where do I go? What is this? Where is the door?Oops, I bumped into something! We tested each step, feeling insecure, confused, without sense of direction.

Something happens to us when we have a Vision. We do not see. Vision guides us, allows us to define a course, gives us meaning ... meaning in relation to the direction and meaning in relation to the meaning. Vision adds a new dimension to our lives, like the sense of sight, we see a greater distance, more deeply. 
Vision allows us to "hear the call": What is the call of my heart? What is the call that makes my life? The Vision has some poetry ... inspires us, love us, allows us to transcend, to dream, done from a new context.

To start viewing, we ask: What things do I care? What are my dreams? What moves me to-? Where do I go? Who want to be? What things give meaning to my life? How would I feel the full?

Es .. how to make my home, my home. I do not start laying bricks everywhere. Start seeing in my imagination, I start designing it: How do I want to be? Where do I want to build it? The bricks, come much later ...

Vision is not a source of anxiety or fear to achieve, but rather a joy to know that with each step, we make the path that leads to it, we feel its fragrance, savoring its realization.

   Pablo Buol

"Only when you leave the side of safety, find your power in the new." Oscar Kucan

"Many people see things as they are and ask why?
I see them as can be, and I wonder why not?" 
Robert Kennedy

"If you do not know where you're going, any road will lead." 
David Campbell 


The most sublime act of love you can do is not an act of service, but an act of contemplation, of vision. When you serve people you do is help, support, comfort, ease your pain ... When you see them in their inner beauty and goodness, what you do is to transform and create.

Think of each of the people who live and work, noting how each transforms your eyes when you look this way. Seeing them, they are offering a gift far more valuable than any act of service that you provide, because, in doing so, have transformed the've "created" in your heart, and, assuming a certain degree of contact between you and them, they too will experience really authentic transformation.

And now, offer yourself the same gift. If you've been able to do for others, it will be very difficult. Follow the same procedure: do not judge or condemn any of your defects or neurosis. If you have not tried the others, you should not be judged. Investigates, studies and analyzes your weaknesses to achieve a better understanding to take you to the love and forgiveness, and joyfully discover how to be transformed by this strangely tender and sympathetic attitude that comes in you to yourself.

Anthony de Mello 


From Dead Poets Society

Do not let the day end without having grown a little,
not have been happy, without increasing your dreams.

Do not be overcome by discouragement.
Do not let anyone take away the right to express yourself,
which is almost a must.

Do not give up the urge to make your life extraordinary.
Do not stop believing that the words
and the poems they can change the world.

Matter what our essence is intact.
We are beings full of passion.

Life is a desert oasis.
Us down, it hurts us, teaches us,
makes us protagonists of our own history.

Although the wind blowing against,
the powerful play goes on:
You can contribute a verse.
Never leave your dream,
because dreams are free men.

Do not fall into the worst errors: silence.
Most live in an awful silence.

Do not resign. Flee.
"I issue my screams over the roofs of this world"
says the poet.

Rate the beauty of simple things.
You can make beautiful poetry about little things,
but we can not row against ourselves.
It turns life into a living hell.
Enjoy the panic that provokes you
have life ahead.

Live it intensely, not mediocrity.
Think that you are the future
and faces the task with pride and without fear.

Learn from those who can teach you.
The experiences of those who preceded us
of our "Dead Poets Society"
help you walk through life.

Today's society is we
The "living poets."
Do not let life happen to you
without the living...

Walt Whitman



A boy and his father were walking in the mountains. Suddenly, the child fell, hurt and cried:
"AAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!".
To his surprise, he heard a voice repeating, somewhere in the mountains:
Curious, the boy shouted, "Who are you?"
Received response: "Who are you?"
Angry with his answer, yelled: "Coward!"
He received the answer: "Coward!"
He looked at his father and asked, "What?"
The father smiled and said, "My son, pay attention."
And then the father yelled at the mountain: "I admire you!"
The voice answered: "I admire you!"
Again the man shouted, "You are a champion!"
The voice answered: "You are a champion!"
The boy is surprised, but did not understand.
Then the father explained:
"People call this ECHO, but really is LIFE ...
We back everything you say or do ...
Our life is simply a reflection of our actions ...
If you want more love in the world, create more love around you ...
For more competitive in your group, exercise your competition ...
This relationship applies to all aspects of life ...
Life gives you back exactly what you have given."





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