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Vision and Aspiration

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"Nothing happens without being before a dream." Carl Sandburg  

"Deep in the heart, we all want to believe that we have a special gift, we can offer something unique ... we can improve this world." A. Robbins

Many of the people I talk to feel a kind of emptiness ... as a disorientation, a lack of sense. Something similar happens in business: the goal of making money, market, customers, not enough to motivate and excite your employees.

What are we missing? A dream, a vision. Contact with our aspirations, not as something impossible to do, but as something tangible, concrete, possible, desirable, attainable.

"Return to create a vision, a dream that we commit to that action, and to restate our values ​​and live them. Live them as the ultimate expression of humanity that we have." Elena Espinal

What do we really care? What are our deepest values​​? What you do (or do) that our life "worthwhile"? Where do we want to go? What is our purpose? What future do we want to create? What we love?.

Get in touch with our dreams, declare our vision, our purpose is the first step to give an orientation (sense), not only in our personal lives but also in our professional development, or as members of an organization. 

"Start with the end in mind means to start with a clear understanding of your destination. It means knowing where you are going, so that they can better understand where you are, and always give the right steps in the right direction." Stephen Covey

Get in touch with our dreams, declare our vision, our purpose, not only gives us a sense, also arouses our passion, motivates us, fills us with life. It is no coincidence that the word "aspire" means "air filling our lungs."

The essence of the work of a coach is to work for people, teams and organizations build powerful vision, and raise their own resources to help them achieve those aspirations.

If everything starts with a dream ... allow yourself to dream !!!


Pablo Buol

Shared Vision

Many leaders of today seek to obtain the commitment and enthusiasm generated by genuinely shared visions, but unfortunately many people still believe that the "vision" is a task of the above.
The vision of a leader can make an organization overcome a crisis, but there is a deeper challenge: creating a path that links and drives people to fulfill their deepest aspirations.

Peter Senge



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