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What is Ontological Coaching?

Definitions of Ontological Coaching

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The human being can perform a look at your emotion, because it can reflect the language. All human life is happening in conversations and in that space where you create the reality we live.
Humberto Maturana

The paradox is to define by its very essence is indefinable, and we can say that the Ontological Coaching is fundamentally changing, creativity and learning, causing a lot of valid definitions on it. We know that every definition has advantages and disadvantages:

  • Advantage: Having a common code to understand what we mean.

  • Disadvantage: A definition stiffens, stereotyped, crystallized meaning.

Having said this, we give a definition of Ontological Coaching as:

A discipline that provides a different way of interpreting human beings, their way of relating, to act and to achieve the proposed objectives for themselves, for their companies and for society. One of the postulates that characterize it is that language not only describes the reality, but through it is generated reality.

Ontological Coaching is a dynamic of transformation through which individuals and organizations review, develop and optimize their ways of being in the world. It is presented as a conversation that creates a new culture and not as a technique within the underlying culture.

In a process of Ontological Coaching growth occurs in the realm of Being, through transformational learning which questions with respect traditional ways of perceiving and interpreting, where individuals and teams to interrupt their behavior patterns and usual to start to operate with greater creativity, leadership and proactivity, generating emotional competencies, doing, thinking and communication.

Ontological Coaching is a process fundamentally liberating the suffering and conditioning beliefs that limit us. It connects us with our resources and our ability to intervene, achieving greater comfort and effectiveness in achieving results that matter.

Ontological Coaching develops the attitude and the ability to generate new ideas, to create new possibilities, to discover new meanings, to invent new ways to find new connections, either in individual or social. You can "drop" the safe, known, to begin a "journey" to the region of "untapped" for daring to design a to-come according to our concerns. 

Ontological Coaching is a discipline that was born as an attempt to take charge of the paradoxes we have in today's organizations. Highly effective with high doses of suffering with technical expertise workplaces taken by mistrust, high technological capabilities and resources to face the future with resignation.
Julio Olalla



In recent years the contribution of new scientific approaches such as quantum physics (David Bohm and Fritjof Capra), the biology of cognition (Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela), systems thinking (Heinz von Foerster), certain philosophical currents (from Heidegger), linguistics (from Austin), certain psychological currents (constructivism, speech therapy, gestalt), modern management (Peter Senge, Stephen Covey) have contributed to the emergence of a new interpretation of the Human Being: The Ontological Coaching.

The word "Coaching" means "Training" and comes from the field of sports where the coach is the coach who tells players how to achieve better performance. "Ontology" is a part of philosophy which is defined as the science of being. I mean, literally means ontological coaching training being.

The interest and enthusiasm for coaching to take the personal, professional and business is recent. There is, however, much confusion about what ontological coaching really is and what are their differences from the traditional coaching. For example, it is common to hear people talk about coaching as a word that describes a friendly management, monitoring, psychological intervention, counseling, being an expert in some area, and so on. Ontological Coaching is not about that.

What we are is built on our historical conversations about ourselves, including historical narratives in which we are born without being aware of it.
Fernando Flores

Ontological Coaching is a different paradigm, a different context so that the objectives are achieved, on a personal level or in a team. The ontological coach does not tell people what to do, do not press, or advise, or recommend, but explores, questions, offers generous interpretations, respectfully challenge their mental models to develop a new look that allows the discovery of new shares and options, and comes in the design of actions to facilitate access to desired outcomes.


Ontological Coaching


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