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The number one premise is that companies need not be boring. Should be fun. If it is not fun, you're wasting your life. Tom Peters

"We work for a paycheck to make ends meet but no sense in what you do? The projection and dreams tend to be only for Saturday and Sunday." Julio Olalla

"Work" What does this word mean to you? What emotions awake?
It seems that in our society is considered, many times, to work as a "necessary evil", a daily sacrifice in order to receive payment for the end of the month. We have, even a biblical mandate that says "earn their bread by the sweat of your brow" and interpret this as being normal work to be sacrificed. Enjoy the work, may be the possibility of a few lucky or maybe, in some bohemian artist.
If any of this conception, it is logical that the work is a burden, mandatory in order to live.

"A powerful organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to succeed in ways that lead your organization to success." Stephen Covey

Maybe we could ask Is it possible to enjoy the work day? And if this were possible, Who would work better, more effectively? Does working reluctantly or enthusiastically working? Who enjoys it or who has it? What an atmosphere of fear and pressure or in an environment of trust and commitment?  

"The main factor that explains the failure of reengineering in many companies is the fact that those who implemented only took into account the company's products, but not the people who compose."
Ken O'Donnell

Can we combine effective and well in our professional performance? Can we use our full potential as human beings in this area? Who does create change?

"Within 30 years, we are disappointed that we did not do rather than what it is. It's time to start browsing. See, dreams, enjoy."
R. Brault

Or better: What I can do to create that change in the area where I move? Maybe things simple: to bring a plant to decorate, start the day with a smile, find a challenge that motivates me, look for something new to learn, to treat people kindly... 

"We can buy people's time, we can buy their physical presence in a certain place, we can even buy some of their muscle movements per hour. However, we can not buy enthusiasm, we can not buy loyalty, you can not buy the devotion of their hearts. We must win this." Clarence Francis

What are some things I can ask? What I can offer? Who I can help? What I can start conversations pending? Surely there is much that each of us can do. Probably make some mistakes and hard to get everything we want ... yet, take the challenge, it is worth.

   Pablo Buol


A great fiction of our time is the division between the personal world and the workplace, with this division work becomes a burden, an obligation rather than a place of transformation and personal development. Also, if you look at the specific experiences, we see that people spend much of our lives working with others and that much of our concerns, anxieties and problems arise from the world of work. Separating the personal labor is often an invitation not to take care of the problems we have in the way of working together, under the illusion that our true life is spent elsewhere. 

Julio Olalla


It not depends on what happens around us,
but what happens within us.
Measured by the spirit in which we face
to the problems of life.

It is a matter of courage;
is so easy to feel depressed and hopeless.
It is a state of mind,
we are not happy as we decide not to be.

There is always doing what we want;
but in everything we do want.
Born to put our heart into the job
and to do so with joy and enthusiasm.

It has recipes, each one the kitchen
with the flavor of its own meditation.
There is an inn on the road;
but a way of walking through life.


The creators of effective innovative organizations are enthusiastic. This sentiment is spread throughout the company and transformed into excitement, passion, energy. Only wins obtained with passion, faith and enthusiasm. If passion, faith, courage and skill are absent, the tools become a manifestation of the bureaucracy. 

Tom Peters



A master mason, and in years, was ready to retire. He told his boss of his plans to leave the construction business to lead a pleasant life with his family.

The head was sorry to see his good worker left the company and asked him to build one more house as a personal favor.
The mason agreed, but it was easy to see that he was not putting his heart in his work. Using inferior materials and the work was deficient. It was an unfortunate way to end his career.

When the builder finished his job and his boss came to inspect the house, the boss handed him the keys to the door. "This is your house, he said, a gift for you"
What a tragedy. If only I had known that the builder was building his own house, I would have done differently. Now he had to live in the house he built, not too well.

If we build our lives so distracted, putting it less than you deserve, you see the situation we have created and find that we are living in the house that we built ourselves.

Consider as bricklayers of our lives. Every day we drive a nail, we build up a wall or ceiling. Our life now is the result of the attitudes and choices of the past.


Organizations are formed because people work together. In a real sense phenomena organizations are living long been understood that way. This image was abandoned due to the ideas of Western science, Kepler, Newton and Descartes, who conceived the cosmos as a giant clock. When we started developing the industrial age, they gradually begin to see more and more life as similar to the mechanism of a machine. This image is so powerful leads us to see everything, including us, nothing more than an elaborate set of mechanisms. This way of thinking has insidiously developed for only one hundred years, to the point of not realizing how much we have captured.

Of course, this image includes seeing organizations as machines. In this way a company is literally a machine for making money. There are "inputs" which are the material resources, energy or resources providing human resources, and money comes out. If this is not the result, the machine is not good and it is fixed. This is done to find new leaders who can manage change or control things better. In the era of the machine, managing word literally means "control."

On the other hand we see the literal sense of the word "company". It means a machine, but a group of people and still maintain that use when it comes to the "company of a person." The ancient Chinese symbol for company means "life work". The old ideas say a lot about what a company is: a group of people creating something together, and consequently as a sort of living force.


Peter Senge




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