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Expectations and suffering.

"The trouble is related to the expectations and requirements is deleted by removing."
Humberto Maturana

Expectations about what we expect to happen is a major source of ineffectiveness and suffering we face the people, both in our workplace and personally.

When what we hope happens, usually we fall prey to anger, resentment and frustration.

Moreover, our expectations are also giving us the ability and motivation to work towards outcomes that are important to us. Without them we would be prey to the resignation, boredom, indifference.

Therefore, the issue is taking away our expectations, but to learn to generate expectations effective.

Expectations and interests.

"The achievement is primarily the product of the constant increase of our aspirations and expectations."
Jack Nicklaus

How come our expectations? In principle arise from our needs and interests.

Then we can begin to redesign our expectations, challenging the interests that give rise to: What I really care? Is it a desire to own, or imposed by others (society, customs, etc..)? Are expectations are legitimate or unreasonable demands?


Expectations and judgments.

"YI do my thing, and you do yours.
I'm not in this world to meet your expectations,
and are not in this world to meet mine.
You are you, and I am me.
If by chance we meet, it's beautiful.
If not, there is nothing we should do"
Fritz Perls

The expectations do not arise only from our desires, but mainly from our judgments (opinions, beliefs) about what is possible or what "should be."

This is one of the main areas of intervention of Ontological Coaching, respectfully questioning the interpretations and opinions we produce ineffective and suffering, to find generative interpretations, leading us to achieve effective results, with welfare.

If you have no expectations, no result will be a failure. Y. ..
If you have no expectations, no result will be a success.

So ...
The question is not delete your expectations, but to learn to generate expectations effective.

Pablo Buol




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